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Over the years, our company has specialized in aluminum carpentry, achieving success with custom designs, enclosing pools, porches, and main entrances.

We help our customers to select the right material for their project. We prioritize the material selection based on the specific needs of each residence. Either you are looking for protection against small insects or shelter for pets, privacy, sunlight reduction, etc.

Combining esthetics and functionality, we will make this aluminum structure customer’s favorite place of their houses.

Pool Cage Re-screening Projects New Model


Enclosing swimming pools in Florida is not a luxury; it’s a must considering the environment and vegetation that characterizes this territory.

For this type of project, it is necessary to follow various legal parameters established for each city, including but not limited to the obtention of a building permit. For that reason, each project needs to be engineer designed.

Once you have determined the space to be enclosed, the client will choose the design they want to use.

They can choose the design using external references, our company pre-designed catalogs, or custom designs that meet their expectations or needs, always complying with the local building codes and regulations.

Each Pool Cage has different characteristics, ranging from standard designs to the most modern custom designs. The aluminum structure will have different specifications depending on the cage’s size, focusing on the strength of the structure attached to the concrete base.


Customers with finished projects often want to expand their enclosures.

Our company specializes in this type of work, following the same procedures and processes that we use to build brand new projects.

It is also essential to complete the project keeping in mind to comply with the same building codes of the structure already in place. However, on some occasions, due to changes in the building codes, the material has to be different on size, strength, etc.

If that the case,  our company will work professionally. Additionally, we will provide the painting service in the old structure. The customer won’t be able to notice the difference between the two structures.

Picture View Panels has been highly demanded, and we specialize in these designs.

Picture View Panels are widely used in places with great views of lakes, seas, and landscape in general. This design removes the metals from the wall that may block the client’s visibility towards the landscape. For this product, the measurements and the corresponding engineering design are adjusted to satisfy the client’s needs.

Picture View Panels will comply with the local building codes so customers will get the strength and security among a spectacular appearance.


Over time Pool Enclosures can deteriorate due to multiple factors such as weather exposure or the quality of the structure.

One of the most common causes is the steel screws usage. They are often used for cage construction, which often leads to accelerated wear of the structure. These steel screws cause internal corrosion in the aluminum beams, which can result in the disconnection of them from the main structure—even light winds can lead to a collapse of the structure.

The trees around the pool enclosure can damage the structure with fallen branches. Florida’s weather is also harmful during hurricane seasons.  Tropical Storms and Hurricanes may affect these structures, and they can create fractures or deterioration in part of the pool cage.

In any case, our company has the capability and expertise to repair any structure. We can serve our customers anytime they need it. We will follow the same specs of the existing structure and grant continuity to the pool cage’s existing design.

Pool Cage Re-screening Projects New Model


Clients do not always want to make pool cages. They also look to enclose the front porch (main entrances) and the back porch. Many of them want to be able to enjoy the winter, let the air circulate freely through their homes; others just want to add a bit of aesthetics to their homes. Our customers will be able to choose doors with custom designs, higher quality, guaranteed screen meshes, stainless steel screws, and locks for better security and durability.

The appearance, safety, and durability prevail in all of our projects. Our clients can be sure that they will enjoy these structures for many years to come.


We always like to advise our clients to choose the most convenient project to do. Whether they want to demolish old pool cages to build a new one, change the design because they don’t like the current one or maybe they want to replace their old structures because it affects the aesthetics of their patio, or if the structure is no longer safe because it has lost strength or the screws are rusty or loose. Whatever is the reason, we will find the best solution.

We highly recommend the restoration method, which is 50% cheaper than brand new structures. To know more about it, you can go to the painting section of this website to inform you of the details about it.



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