Published On: March 30th, 2022

This back porch enclosure can provide protection, security, and privacy to your family. Many people are still not sure about building this type of enclosure in the back of their home, which is why today at New Model Rescreening & Painting, we tell you some benefits that were building an enclosure for your back porch can bring you.

You will eliminate insects in your spaces

Nothing ruins a relaxing night outdoors like mosquitoes or other pests: Keep them away with an enclosure for your back porch. The nets in your outdoor space allow you to fully utilize your property without worrying about pests or insect-borne diseases.

With a back porch enclosure you can expand your spaces

Adding an enclosure on the back porch of your home will give the impression that you have added an extra room to your home. With this one, you can enjoy your outdoor space the same as your indoor space, and with this type of enclosure, you will not miss the beautiful views that the State of Florida can offer you.

You will increase the value of your home

Especially in areas with beautiful views, homebuyers almost expect back porch enclosures to be present in outdoor spaces. The benefits are immeasurable, making them a key point that many Florida homebuyers look for in a property.

Add privacy to your home

An enclosure will not block your panoramic views, but it will still give you a sense of privacy in your outdoor spaces. Screens can be difficult to see from a distance, so any additional layers will help add a sense of privacy to your space.

You can customize your back porch enclosure to suit your needs:

From structure to screen type, you can easily customize enclosures, so you can completely customize your enclosure to fit the needs of your home. Add two doors that they slide or detach; whatever you imagine being more comfortable in this space, we can build it.

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