Published On: March 30th, 2022

Sometimes people may hesitate to buy a pool screen because they think they won’t be able to get a good tan. Today we will explain whether or not you can get a tan under a pool screen.

Tanning at the edge of the pool

While many people want to buy mesh pool enclosures to prevent insects and animals from entering, they often hesitate because they assume they won’t be able to the hot climate of South Florida. Fortunately, you can easily get a tan under a pool screen enclosure. The pool screen does not work as a reflector of sunlight.

Immerse yourself in the water

Now that you know that you can tan by the pool under a screen enclosure, you may wonder if you can also tan in the water. You can do that, too. However, you should keep in mind that ultraviolet rays weaken deeper, so the best way to get a beautiful tan is to stay at the pool’s shallow end.

Components of swimming pool screens

Some features of swimming pool screens will allow you to tan with ease. The screens are made of very fine mesh, allowing sunlight to enter the enclosure and outdoor spaces. The mesh is so thin that sometimes you will find it difficult to see it.

Always bring your sunscreen.

While pool enclosures prevent insects and other insects from entering, they do not prevent the entry of rays produced by the sun. Before swimming, always remember to put on your sunscreen.

So, the answer is yes; you can tan under a pool screen enclosure.

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