We know from experience that pool cages, patios, lanai and front entrance enclosure progressively deteriorate over the years, damaging the home’s aesthetic and even posing significant safety risks. With regards to the aesthetic, the fabric’s paint deteriorates to the point of coming off and dirtying the entire enclosure with small rust particles that easily create stains in the pool and its surroundings. In addition, the corrosion can become dangerous because the screws, cables, and anchorages rust and fail, causing the aluminum structure to become weak and vulnerable to winds.

New Model Rescreening and Painting is a company that specializes in restoring and pool cage painting, patios, lanai and front entrance enclosure and we recommend our clients to renovate their pool cages to look better than they did to begin with, before having to invest double to construct everything anew.


First we cover the entire pool, its surrounding areas and any vegetation nearby to prevent these areas from being covered with paint spray of any particles from the metal structure. After that we remove the spline and the screen that will be replaced. Then we pressure wash the enclosure removing the old deteriorated paint and eliminating any grime stuck to the metals. We determine which areas need to be prepared with greater care to achieve a flawless finish. Once the cage is washed, we proceed to sand  the metal surfaces and prepare the most deteriorated areas, paying attention even to the less damaged parts, since we care about the details. It is about to guarantee the durability and quality of the work.


To ensure the consistency of the paint job, we divide the process into two stages. We apply a fine layer of filling to cover the areas that we prepared earlier, and after some time elapses for it to dry, we repeat the process, this time applying a thicker and more resistant coat with more care to guarantee the quality, aesthetic and finish. In the next stage, after having finished the second coat of paint, we thoroughly check our work and retouch as necessary until we are absolutely certain that the cage has been painted perfectly. In this final stage, we remove the protections from the covered areas.


After cleaning with great zeal until everything shines and having waited until the next day for the paint to dry completely, we begin to install the screen selected by the client. We make measurements and start our meticulous work in which we divide the panels section by section throughout the entire aluminum structure from largest to the smallest panels in this way ensuring that they resist strong winds better and that our work’s guarantee is real and objective.

We name all this work (TOTAL RESTORATION) considering that the end result is a new pool enclosure.

Pool Cage Restoration New Model
Aluminum Structure Painting New Model



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