Published On: August 31st, 2023

Ensure Your Pool Cage Is Hurricane-Ready for a Safe Season

Hurricane season in Florida is a well-known annual event, and residents are accustomed to making preparations to protect their homes and families. However, one aspect that sometimes gets overlooked is the integrity of your pool cage enclosure. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of this structure, but it can make a significant difference during a hurricane. At New Model Rescreening, we believe in being proactive and taking steps to ensure your safety. Let’s discuss why reinforcing your pool cage enclosure is crucial and how it can help you weather the storm.

Why Your Pool Cage Enclosure Matters

Your pool cage enclosure is not just a luxury; it’s an essential part of your home, especially during hurricane season. It serves as a barrier to keep debris out of your pool and can provide additional structural support to your home. Here’s why it’s vital:

1. Wind Resistance:

Hurricanes bring powerful winds that can wreak havoc on your property. A sturdy pool cage enclosure can help reduce wind pressure on your home, potentially preventing damage.

2. Debris Protection:

Flying debris is a significant hazard during hurricanes. A well-maintained enclosure can act as a shield, keeping debris out of your pool and away from your home’s windows.

3. Structural Support:

In some cases, your pool cage can provide additional support to your home’s roof. This added structural integrity can make a substantial difference during a storm.

Preparation Tips for Your Pool Cage Enclosure

Now that you understand the importance of your pool cage enclosure let’s discuss how to prepare it for hurricane season:

1. Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular maintenance for your pool cage. This includes inspecting for any wear and tear, rust, or damage to the frame.

2. Reinforce Weak Points: Replace any worn wiring or screws promptly. These seemingly small details can significantly impact the overall strength of your enclosure.

3. Impact-Resistant Screens: Consider installing impact-resistant screens that can withstand strong winds and debris impact.

4. Professional Inspection: It’s advisable to have a professional inspection before hurricane season. They can identify any potential weaknesses or areas that need reinforcement.

5. Secure Loose Objects: In addition to your enclosure, ensure that any loose objects around your pool are secure. Patio furniture, toys, and decorations can become projectiles in high winds.


Be Proactive

As hurricane season approaches, don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare.

Your pool cage enclosure plays a vital role in protecting your home and family during a storm. By reinforcing weak points, ensuring regular maintenance, and considering impact-resistant screens, you can significantly enhance their ability to withstand hurricane conditions.

At New Model Rescreening, we understand the importance of these preparations. Our team is ready to assist you in reinforcing your pool cage enclosure, ensuring it’s in optimal condition to face strong winds and potential impacts. Remember, preparation is key to guaranteeing your safety. Act now to protect your family and home this hurricane season.

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