Pool Cage Rescreening in Orlando

Screen Replacement Services

Screen Repair

New Model Rescreening and Painting is a family company specialized in the restoration of Pool Cage and the repair of mesh screen replacement services for damaged panels in any form, utilizing the same or a better brand, design, or purpose for which it was installed.

We can also replace it to fulfill the client’s new interests and objectives such as exchanging a regular screen with a privacy screen on the Lanai to prevent the interior from being seen or dirt, water, and small particles entering. These tend to be installed to 36 inch from the floor on the lower panels of the pool cage, as well as on side panels when there are privacy specifications.

Pet screens are also utilized regularly in Porch, Lanai and Pool Cages to protect the mesh from tears. They are installed in the same way as privacy screens on the lower panels at 36 inches from the floor, but in this case to protect the enclosure from pets. It’s also very common to replace regular screen panels to provide protection from insects such as no-see-ums.

Pool Cage Rescreening

Among our specialties are the screen replacement of the entire pool cage, patio, back porch, lanai, and front entrances. In these cases, we work in ways different from our screen repairs. It’s generally a more dynamic and complex job but one we know how to manage with experience and professionalism. For this, we prepare the area, remove the entire spline (the rubber that holds the screen within the aluminum) as well as the old screen, and make measurements.

We start the screen replace restoration in a thorough manner wherein we divide the aluminum structure’s screen panels section by section from largest to the smallest, in this way ensuring that they resist strong winds better and that our work’s guarantee is real and objective.

In all cases, we concern ourselves with the aesthetic of our work, ensuring that the panels remain taut and without visible wrinkles or bubbles that may damage the visual appeal.

Entire Pool Cage
Twitchell Textilene Screen

Types Of Screens

Types of Screens in which we specialize:

  • Super Screen™ 17/20
  • Twitchell Textilene Screen
  • Phifer Tuff No-See-Um
  • Phifer’s Glass-Shield (Privacy)
  • No-See-Ums 20x20Screen
  • Pet Screen
  • SunScreen
  • Phife®brand 18×14

Areas Of Service

  • Pool Cage
  • Back Porch
  • Lanai
  • Front Entryway
  • Windows Screen and Frame
  • Sliding Door
  • And any Other Frame Designed to Enclose an Area


Types of aluminum structures in which we specialize.

We work all pool enclosures (aluminum structures) from the most antiquated to the most modern. According to their functions, the metals have different sizes and designs and the screen is fitted to them with a rubber (spline) specific for each case. This spline comes in different shapes and sizes, and we keep in mind the aluminum frame and the type of screen that will be installed when selecting the proper spline to achieve the best fit and durability.