Published On: March 30th, 2022

Transparent swimming pool nets can prevent insects and pests from entering. However, they will not provide visual privacy. Many homeowners enjoy the benefits of transparent screen but wish they could create a more private enclosure. Fortunately, there are many ways to private your enclosure, such as using outdoor blinds or weatherproof curtains.

Check out these simple tips if you want to eliminate some reckless glances.

Bushes and vegetation for transparent screen

One of the best tips to make your pool’s transparent screen more private is to plant tall shrubs or vegetation around your enclosure. These shrubs will not only create a private pool enclosure but will also add more beauty to your landscape.

Outdoor shadows

Another way to create a more private pool enclosure is to add outdoor shadows. The best part about these outdoor blinds is that you can lower them for privacy and place them when you want to see the surroundings.

Weatherproof curtains

Like outdoor blinds, weatherproof curtains are also effective in creating privacy. These curtains are just like the ones you place in your home, except the material, can remain intact in any adverse weather conditions. They are ideal for adding privacy and style to your clear pool cover.

Wooden privacy fences for transparent screen

If you want to protect your entire backyard from passers-by or nosy neighbors, you need a wooden privacy fence. These fences are beautifully stylish and can add value to your home. Consider installing a wooden privacy fence to make your pool and backyard enclosure more private.