Published On: March 30th, 2022

Types of roofs for the roof of your pool

You can choose from several different pool designs and select from several protected pool cover designs. A display enclosure can benefit you; you can reduce your maintenance tasks to create an outdoor space to gather and entertain your friends and family.

We have selected some types of roof for screen enclosures that may be useful to you in your pool.

Mansard roof

The mansard roof is the most common screen enclosure roof on the market. This roof style slopes upwards on all sides and has a flat, level mid-section. Due to its design, it gives the impression of having more space.

Hipped roof

Due to their slopes, the hipped enclosure roofs provide more wind resistance during storms. They also give the illusion of being taller than a mansard roof.

Dome roof

A dome roof creates a feeling of open space. It also adds curb appeal due to its gentle slope and architectural design. These roofs are also windproof and can weather Florida’s storms over the years.

Gable roof

A gable roof, also known as an A-shaped roof, has two sloping sides that create a triangle. This closed roof complements many homes in Florida because it shares the same roof design. It can stand alone and surround a pool or be attached to an open patio.

Sloping roof

A sloping roof works well only with certain styles of architecture. A sloping-style roof is efficient for throwing leaves and debris from your enclosure. This screen enclosure roof complements many homes in Florida due to its gentle slope and architectural design.

These 4 basic screen pool enclosure designs are common in the Florida market, and most companies with average experience can probably build them.

Our design specialists can help you decide which type of ceiling would best fit the overall look of your home.