Published On: March 30th, 2022

At New Model Rescreening & Painting, we understand from experience that pool cages have been damaged over the years. In addition, the effects of the weather damage the aesthetics and appearance of your home; it can even be a significant safety risk for you and your family. The paint on your pool cage rusts, and corrosiveness can become dangerous because the screws rust and fail, causing the aluminum structure to weaken and become vulnerable to winds.

We are a company that specializes in the restoration and painting of pool cages, and we recommend that our customers renew their pool cages to make them look better than they did at the beginning. This will avoid higher expenditures in the future.

Preparing the paint

We first cover the entire pool, its surroundings, and any nearby vegetation to prevent these areas from being covered with spray paint from any particles of the aluminum structure.

Then we carry out a pressure wash of the enclosure, removing the old deteriorated paint and removing any dirt attached to the metals. Once the cage is washed, we sand the aluminum surfaces and prepare the most deteriorated areas, paying attention to the least damaged parts since we care about the details.


To ensure the consistency of the restoration of the pool cage, we divide the process into two stages. We apply a thin layer of putty with spray paint to cover the areas we prepared earlier. After a while, we repeat the process for it to dry, this time applying a thicker and stronger layer with more care to ensure quality, aesthetics, and finish.

We then thoroughly review our work and retouch if necessary until we are sure that the cage has been painted perfectly.

In the end, we remove the protections from the covered areas.

In this way, at New Model Rescreening & Painting, we give a new life to your pool cage.