Pool Cage And Lanai Painting Services

We know from experience that pool cages, Back Porch, patios, lanai and front entrance enclosure progressively deteriorate over the years, damaging the home’s aesthetic and even posing significant safety risks. With regards to the aesthetic, the fabric’s paint deteriorates to the point of coming off and dirtying the entire enclosure with small rust particles that easily create stains in the pool and its surroundings. In addition, the corrosion can become dangerous because the screws, cables, and anchorages rust and fail, causing the aluminum structure to become weak and vulnerable to winds.

New Model Rescreening and Painting is a company that specializes in restoring and pool cage painting, patios, lanai and front entrance enclosure and we recommend our clients to renovate their pool cages to look better than they did to begin with, before having to invest double to construct everything anew.

Painting Preparation Process
Paint Process
Pool Cage Rescreening Process
Clear View Conversion Panel

Makeover In Pool Cage Restoration